321. A man spend Rs. 3300. This was 75% of his monthly income. His monthly income is__________?
A. 4000
B. 4400
C. 5000
D. 5400

322. What are Prime Numbers?
A. Which can be divided by Odd Numbers
B. Which can be divided by Even Numbers
C. Which can be divided by Number 1 & by itself Number
D. Which can be divided by any Number

323. Two automobiles are 150 kilometers apart and traveling toward each other. One automobile is moving at 60km/h and the other is moving at 40km/h mph. In how many hours will they meet?

A. 2.5
B. 2.0
C. 1.75
D. 1.5
E. 1.25

324. Twelve inches equal to how many centimeters?
A. 30.48
B. 29
C. 34.12
D. 24

325. Who is Called the Father of Calculus?
A. Al-Khwarizmi
B. Aristotle
C. Herodotus
D. Isaac Newton

326. 1 inch is equal to__________?
A. 2.4 cm
B. 2.5 cm
C. 2.54 cm
D. None

327. If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55, 60, then the average marks of all the students is:
A. 53.33
B. 54.68
C. 55
D. None of these

328. If a car is sold for Rs..50000 the profit is 17 percent, what would be profit percentage if sold for Rs. 47000?
A. 14.85%
B. 9.98%
C. 16.20%
D. 14.50%

329. Masood purchased a plot for Rs. 8,000. He sells the plot to Aftab at a profit of 20%. Aftab in turn sells that plot to Zahid at a loss of 20%. The plot costs Zahid ?
A. Rs. 12,000
B. Rs. 10,000
C. Rs. 8670
D. Rs. 7680

330. The average age of 8 men increases by 2 years when two women are included in place of two men of ages 20 and 24 years. Find the average age of the women?
A. 36 years
B. 24 years
C. 30 years
D. 18 years