1241. A function which is to be maximized or minimized is called ______ ftn:

A. Objective *
B. Corner
C. Feasible
D. Optimal

1242. The variables used in the system of linear inequalities are :

A. Integers
B. Real numbers
C. Non-ve integers *
D. None of these

1243. In equalities have ______ symbols :

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4 *
D. 5

1244. Non negative constraints help in taking ______:

A. Solutions
B. Maximization
C. Minimization
D. Decision *

1245. Solution set of the inequality x>0 is :

A. Half plane on the left of y-axis
B. Half plane on the right of y-hub barring y-hub
C. Half plane on the right of y-pivot remembering the focuses for y-hub *
D. None of these

1246. The ideal worth of the goal capability is achieved at the places :

A. Given by the intersection of inequalities with x-axis only
B. Given by the intersection of inequalities with axes only
C. Given by the corner points of the doable district *
D. None of these

1247. IF measure of all the three sids of a triangle are different it is called :

A. Isosceles
B. Equiliteral
C. Scalence *
D. None

1248. A triangle which is not right angled is called _______ triangle:

A. Right
B. Oblique *
C. Both A and B
D. None

1249. In center of an inscribed circle is the point of intersection of the three ______________:

A. Angle Bisectors *
B. Medians
C. Perpendicular Bisectors of three sides
D. None of them

1250. The sum of product of r1,r2,r3 in pairs is :

A. S2 *
B. R
C. R2
D. S