931. Bilal can do a work in 15 days and Jalal in 12 days. If they work on it together for 4 days, the fraction of work that is left is________??
A. 3/5
B. Â 4/7
C. Â 2/5
D. Â 1/4

932. 2 men and 12 women can finish a job in 4 days. 4 men and 6 women can do the same job in 5 days. Find the time taken by 1 man and 1 woman to complete the job.?
A. 30 days
B. Â 25 days
C. Â 24 days
D. Â 20 days

933. A alone can finish a work in 10 days and B alone can do it in 15 days. If they work together and finish, then out of a total wages of Rs.75. A will get:___________??
A. 35 Rs.
B. Â 40 Rs.
C. Â 45 Rs.
D. Â None of these

934. To fill a cistern, pipes P, Q & R take 20, 15 & 12 minutes respectively. Â The time in minutes that the three pipes together will take to fill the cistern is:__________??
A. 5 min
B. Â 10 min
C. Â 15 min
D. Â 20 min

935. A cistern has two taps which fill it in 12 min. and 15 min.respectively  There is one outlet pipe in the cistern.  When all the taps & pipe are opened, the empty cistern is full in 20 min.  How long will the waste pipe (outlet) take to empty the full cistern ??
A. 10 min
B. Â 20 min
C. Â 30 min
D. Â 40 min

936. 6 men and 8 women can complete a work in 10 days. 26 men and 48 women can finish the same work in 2 days. 15 men and 20 women can do the same work in_______days.?
A. 4 days
B. Â 6 days
C. Â 2 days
D. Â 8 days

937. P is 30% more efficient than Q. P can complete a work in 23 days. If P and Q work together, how much time will it take to complete the same work??
A. 9
B. Â 11
C. Â 23
D. Â 13

938. P works twice as fast as Q. If Q alone can complete a work in 12 days, P and Q can finish the work in________days?
A. 1
B. Â 2
C. Â 3
D. Â 4

939. If 6 men working together can complete 50 identical tasks in 4 hours then how many such identical tasks can be completed if 10 men are working together for 6 hours??
A. 20
B. Â 25
C. Â 125
D. Â 60

940. A and B together take 6 days to complete a task. B and C together take 12 days to complete the same task. A and C together take 8 days to complete it. If A, B and C are working together, how long does it take for them to complete the task??
A. 4(2/3) days
B. Â 4 days
C. Â 5(1/3) days
D. Â 1(1/3) days