271. If a trader sold two cars each at Rs. 325475 and gains 12% on the first and loses 12% on the second, then his profit or loss percent on the whole is_______?

A. 1.44% loss
B. 14.4% profit
C. 14.4% loss
D. 0%
E. None of these

272. Rehman mixed 24 kg of butter at Rs. 150 per kg with 36 kg butter at the rate of Rs. 125 per kg. At what price per kg should he sell the mixture to make a profit of 40% in the transaction?

A. Rs. 135
B. Rs. 162
C. Rs. 189
D. Rs. 198
E. None of these

273. If an article is sold at 19% profit instead of 12% profit, then the profit would be Rs. 105 more. What is the cost price?

A. Rs. 1505
B. Rs. 1510
C. Rs. 1500
D. Rs. 1490
E. None of these

274. A shopkeeper loses 15%, if an article is sold for Rs. 102. What should be the selling price of the article to gain 20%?

A. Rs. 150
B. Rs. 144
C. Rs. 138
D. Rs. 132
E. None of these

275. A trader sells 85 meters of cloth for Rs. 8925 at the profit of Rs. 15 per metre of cloth. What is the cost price of one metre of cloth?

A. Rs. 80
B. Rs. 85
C. Rs. 90
D. Rs. 95
E. None of these

276. A shopkeeper sells 20% of his stock at 10% profit ans sells the remaining at a loss of 5%. He incurred an overall loss of Rs. 400. Find the total worth of the stock?

A. Rs. 25000
B. Rs. 20000
C. Rs. 15000
D. Rs. 22000
E. None of these

277. A fruit vendor purchased 20 dozens of bananas at Rs. 15 per dozen. But one-fourth of the bananas were rotten and had to be thrown away. He sold two-third of the remaining bananas at Rs. 22.50 per dozen. At what price per dozen should he sell the remaining bananas to make neither a profit nor a loss?

A. Rs. 20
B. Rs. 15
C. Rs. 22.50
D. Rs. 7.50
E. None of these

278. By selling 99 pens, a trader gains the cost of 33 pens. Find his gain percentage?

A. 33 1/3%
B. 50%
C. 25%
D. 66 2/3%
E. None of these

279. A dealer purchases 15 articles for Rs. 25 and sells 12 articles for Rs. 30. Find the profit percentage?

A. 25%
B. 50%
C. 20%
D. 5%
E. None of these

280. If the cost price of 50 articles is equal to the selling price of 40 articles, then the gain or loss percent is?

A. 20% loss
B. 20% profit
C. 10% profit
D. 25% loss
E. None of these