1181. The only idempotent element in a group is :

A. Inverse element
B. Identity *
C. Element of order two
D. Finite order element

1182. A group all whose elements are of finite order is called :

A. Periodic group *
B. Symmetric group
C. Finite group
D. Local group

1183. A group is one in which every element, with the exception of the identity, has infinite order:

A. Torsion free
B. a- periodic
C. Locally infinite
D. All of these *

1184. If a group is neither periodic nor torsion free then G is :

A. Mixed group *
B. Infinite group
C. Free group
D. Symmertic group

1185. Which of the following group with binary operation of ordinary addition is torsion free:

A. Z
B. R
C. C
D. All of these *

1186. If a homomorphism is also subjective the it is called :

A. Monomorphism
B. Epimorphism *
C. Isomorphism
D. None

1187. A monomorphism is a homomorphism which is also :

A. Injective *
B. Subjective
C. Bijective
D. Onto

1188. A bijective homomorphism is called :

A. Epimorphhism
B. Monomorphism
C. Isomorphism *
D. None

1189. The relation of Isomorphism between group is :

A. Symmetric relation
B. Transitive relation
C. Equivalence relation *
D. Total order relation

1190. Let E be a group of even integers under binary operation of addition Then which of the following isomorphic to E:

A. Z *
B. Q
C. R
D. C