311. What do you understand by term ‘Intifada’?
A. Reconciliation
B. Offence
C. negotiation
D. Uprising

312. which Indian actor sentenced to a five-year jail term by the Indian court in the blackbuck poaching case on 5 April?
A. Salman Khan
B. Sanjay dutt
C. Saif Ali Khan
D. None of above

313. 22nd Commonwealth Games would be held from____________2022?
A. 27 july
B. 7 August
C. 27 September
D. 27 October

314. Which city has been Selected as the Host for the 22nd Edition of Commonwealth Games to be held in 2022?
A. Durban, South Africa
B. Birmingham, England
C. Karachi, Pakistan
D. Tokyo, Japan

315. Australian City of Gold Coast is hosting________edition of Commonwealth Games to be held in 2018?
A. 21st
B. 22nd
C. 23rd
D. 24th

316. On 28 March, 2018 Saudi Arabia presents _____________ millions cheque to UN for humanitarian aid in Yemen.
A. $930
B. $950
C. $970
D. $985

317. In March 2018________________ became the world’s largest importer of almonds.
A. China
B. India
C. Saudi Arab
D. Canada

318. The military exercise ‘Foal Eagle drill’ was between_____________.
A. The U.S and South Korea
B. South Korea and Japan
C. Russia and China
D. Philippine and Malaysia

319. Scientists have identified __________ in the human body, which could understanding the spread of cancer within the body.
A. Interstitium
B. Lunkivitus
C. Pansitium
D. Intestinium

320. Which military has successfully tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile ‘SARMAT’ recently_________?
A. Russia
B. China
C. North Korea
D. U.S

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