World Current Affairs Online multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers. Academictask provides updated world current affairs Mcqs 2020 so that you can prepare accordingly.  Here you will find latest MCQs of World current affairs which are from Current International Issues, Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, International Organizations, Challenges at national and international levels during the last 2 years and events.

11. Which nation will host the next edition of Men’s T20 world cup in 2021?

A. Pakistan
B. Australia
C. India
D. None of these

12. Which nation authorities have turned 15 mosques into Jewish synagogues?

A. France
B. Israel
D. None of These

13. Identify the title of Bob Woodward’s new book on President Donald Trump.

A. Fear
B. Hatred
C. Dilemma
D. Rage

14. What was the name of Urdu Poet and lyricist of India who died on 11 Aug, 2020?

A. Rahat indori
B. Ajmal Sultanpuri
C. Irfan Khan
D. None of these

15. Which country is going to host the 6th annual meeting of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in 2021?

A. Azerbaijan
B. Australia
D. Cambodia

16. SABIC’s Polycarbonate facility in __________ is set to become the world’s first large scale chemical production plant which will run entirely on renewable power?

A. Spain
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Usa
D. France

17. ‘Lee Teng Hui’ has died at the age of 97 on 30 July 2020 was the former president of which country?

A. Taiwan
B. Japan
C. South Korea
D. Iceland

18. Identify the European satellite system to be launched by German Manufacturers to monitor carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere across the globe.


19. Barakah, Arab world’s first nuclear power plant, was launched on Aug 1st,2020 on the Gulf coast by which country?

A. Qatar
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Bahrain

20. Who is the Current Prime Minister of the Tunisia?

A. Elyes Fakhfakh
B. Hichem Mechichi
C. Kais Saied
D. None of Above

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