1101. IPCC presented its 2021 report on 9 August 2021. IPCC stands for
A. International Program on Climate Change
B. International Program to Curtail Change
C. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change *
D. None of these

1102.Which country is currently the largest producer of “Uranium”?
A. Canada
B. Brazil
C. Australia
D. Kazakhstan *

1103.As of November 2021, the only country constructing “Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker” is
A. Sweden
B. Russia *
C. Norway
D. United States

1104. How many member countries are of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)?
A. 4 *
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10

1105.Who won the women’s single finals of the Australian open 2022?

A. Ashleigh Barty *
B. Danielle Collins
C. Maria Sherapova
D. Serena Williams

1106.Danielle Collins, the runner-up of the Australian open women’s final 2022, is from?

A. Australia
B. Canada
C. Russia
D. USA *

1107.Who won the Africa Cup of Nations 2022?

A. Egypt
B. Somalia
C. Senegal *
D. Nigeria

1108.Which one is the third UN decade for the elimination of poverty ?

A. 2018-2027 *
B. 2019-2028
C. 2020-2030
D. None of these

1109.What price is considered as a benchmark price in the oil industry?

A. Opec Basket
B. Mars US
C. Brent Crude *
D. WTI Crude

1110.The South China Sea is an important region of the world. The main reasons for its significance are fishing and

A. oil
B. oil & gas
C. trade route
D. oil & gas and trade route *

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