131. The 2018 FIFA World Cup was won by
(A) Brazil
(B) Germany
(C) Argentina
(D) France

132. The lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is
(A) –83.2 °C
(B) –86.2 °C
(C) –89.2 °C
(D) –92.2 °C

133. The lowest temperature was recorded in
(A) Antarctica
(B) Russia
(C) Canada
(D) Germany

134. The highest temperatures ever recorded on the Earth is
(A) 56.7 °C
(B) 57.7 °C
(C) 58.7 °C
(D) 59.7 °C

135. The highest temperature was recorded in
(A) Colorado
(B) California
(C) Tripoli
(D) Doha

136. Who is Angela Merkel?
(A) Prime Minister of Germany
(B) Chancellor of Germany
(C) Prime Minister of France
(D) Chancellor of France

137. Who is Emmanuel Macron?
(A) President of Germany
(B) Prime Minister of Germany
(C) President of France
(D) Prime Minister of France

138. Who is the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?
(A) James Clapper
(B) John Brennan
(C) Denis McDonough
(D) Gina Haspel

139. The headquarter of Walmart is located in
(A) Bentonville
(B) Chicago
(C) Houston
(D) Dallas

140. Who is “Jeff Bezos”?
(A) Founder and CEO of Amazon
(B) Founder and CEO of Tesla
(C) Founder and CEO of Samsung
(D) Founder and CEO of SpaceX

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