1261. Arab spring first time started from country ?

A. Tunisia *
B. Libya
C. Yemen
D. Egypt

1262. What are the main causes of the Arab Spring ?

A. Authoritarianism,Kelptocracy and Unemployment
B. Human rights violation and sectarianism
C. Inflation and political corruption
D. All of the above *

1263. The Arab Spring is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations , protest and civil wars occuring in the arab world that began on :

A. 11 December 2010
B. 13 December 2010
C. 15 December 2010
D. 18 December 2010 *

1264. To date, after arab spring which of the following country’s rulers have been forced from power ?

A. Tunisia and Egypt
B. Libya
C. Yemen
D. All of these *

1265. Which term is used by Various western news sources to describe the protests in Egypt that forced president Mubarak to step down in 2011?

A. Blue Revolution
B. Pink Revolution
C. Purple Revolution
D. Lotus Revolution *

1266. Tuareg fighters returning from the libyan civil war stoked a simmering conflict in ________ which has be described as ” fallout” from the arab spring in north africa .

A. Mali *
B. Tunisia
C. Nigeria
D. Algeria

1267. The term “Arab spring” is an allusion to the Revolution of 1848, Which is sometimes referred to as ” springtime of the people “, and the prague spring in :

A. 1963
B. 1966
C. 1964
D. 1968 *

1268. The term Arab spring was first time use by on January 6, 2011?

A. March Lynch *
B. Marc Grossman
C. Lynch Adams
D. None of these

1269. Jasmine Revolution is a widely used term for the 2010-2011 for which country ?

A. Egypt
B. Iraq
C. Tunisia *
D. Iran

1270. Arab Spring was sparked by the first protests that occured in Tunisian city _______ on 18th December 2010 in :

A. Sidi Bouzid *
B. Appallo
C. Hams
D. Tunisia