1291. How many events are in the RIO summer olympics ?

A. 306 *
B. 250
C. 298
D. 302

1292. How many athletes are participating in the RIO summer olympics ?

A. 10000
B. 10500
C. 10999
D. 11000 *

1293. Rio summer olympics is held from ___ august to _______august 2016.

A. 5,21 *
B. 2,19
C. 3,21
D. 5,24

1294. Who of the following lit the 2016 olympic cauldron?

A. Gustavo Kuerten
B. Vanderlei de Lima *
C. Desiree Henry
D. Irina Rodnina

1295. The opening ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics was held at which stadium ?

A. Maracana stadium *
B. Rice-Eccles stadium
C. BC place stadium
D. Turin Stadium

1296. Name the american swimmer who recently won 23rd olympic gold medal at the 2016 summer olympics in Rio de janeiro:

A. Ryan Lochte
B. Conor Dawyer
C. Katie Ledcky
D. Michael Phelps *

1297. Who of the following became the first Brazilian to win a gold medal at 2016 Rio olympics ?

A. Erika Miranda
B. Mayra Aguiar
C. Judoka Silva *
D. Mariana Silva

1298. Which country won the gold in first-ever olympic women’s Rugby sevens championship in Rio de janeiro ?

A. Australia *
B. New zeland
C. Canada
D. Britain

1299. Name the american swimmer who set a new world record to win gold in the women’s 400 meters freestyle at the Rio olympics :

A. Jazmin Carlin
B. Leah Smith
C. Katie Ledecky *
D. None of the above

1300. Name the swimmer who became the first swimmer to win four consecutive gold medals in same event ?

A. Mark Spitz
B. Matt Biondi
C. Ryan Lochte
D. Michael Phelps *