221. The World Diabetes Day is observed every year across the world on____________?
A. 14 October
B. 14 November
C. 16 November
D. 15 November

222. Which world champion team didn’t qualify for football world cup, 2018?
B. Germany
C. Russia
D. Italy

223. UK’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated?
A. Golden Anniversary
B. Silver Anniversary
C. Platinum Anniversary
D. Bronze Anniversary

224. Airshow 2017 is hosted by?
A. Pakistan
C. Dubai
D. Norway

225. Name of the Bill Gate’s futuristic City will be?
A. Belmont
B. Oasis
C. Gulistan
D. Valley

226. Bill Gates’ futuristic city will be built in____________?
A. New York
B. Washington-DC
C. Southwestern Arizona
D. Los Angeles

227. International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition, 2017 held in_____________?
A. New York, USA
B. Washington DC, USA
C. New Jersey, USA
D. Boston, United States

228. iGem Stands for____________?
A. International Genetically Engineered Machines
B. International Genetically Engineered Mobiles
C. International Genetically Engineered Motorbikes
D. International Genetically Engineered Motor

229. Paradise Leaks data originates from which law firm?
A. Mosaic law firm
C. International law firm
D. Appleby law firm

230. Uber has struck a deal with NASA to develop software for managing____________routes in the air?
A. flying taxi
B. flying horse
C. flying auto
D. flying bike

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