231. The 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit was held in____________?
A. Bangkok, Thailand
B. Danang, Vietnam
C. Bogor, Indonesia
D. Beijing, China

232. How many countries vote against Trump’s Jerusalem move in UN General Assembly?
A. 122
B. 126
C. 128
D. 129

233. When UN General Assembly rejects Trump’s Jerusalem move?
A. 19 Dec 2017
B. 20 Dec 2107
C. 21 Dec 2017
D. 22 Dec 2017

234. On which date USA president Donald Trump recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?
A. 5 Dec 2017
B. 6 Dec 2017
C. 7 Dec 2017
D. 8 Dec 2017

235. Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit on Jerusalem 2017 was held in?
A. Islamabad
B. Riaz
C. Lahore
D. Istanbul

236. Bosnian war criminal________________dies after ‘taking poison’ in UN court .
A. Bakir Izetbegović
B. Slobodan Praljak
C. Valentin Inzko
D. Mladen Ivanić

237. Which Country Team Fail to reach out World Cup for the first time in 60 years?
A. Brazil
B. Italy
C. Sweden
D. Mexico

238. Zimbabwe’s President_______________has resigned, bringing an end to 37 years of rule and sparking jubilant celebrations in the nation’s streets.
A. Robert Mugabe
B. Morgan Tsvangirai
C. Daniel Shumba
D. Arthur Mutambara

239. Top Chinese general suicided on 23 Nov 2017. His Name was?
A. Zhang Yang
B. zhang ziyi
C. Dàjiàng
D. General Li Zuocheng

240. In which country ,it is mandatory for all male citizens aged 18 to 27 to serve 1 year in armed forces?
A. United states
B. China
C. Russia
D. United kingdom

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