271. Who has been re-elected as PM of china for second term?
A. Jiang Zemin
B. Li Keqiang
C. Wang Kishan
D. Peng Liyan

272. Who has won fourth term as Russia president after one sided victory in the election?
A. Vladimir Putin
B. Lyudmila Putina
C. Artur Ocheretny
D. Angela Merkel

273. Which city is the most expensive in the world as per The Economist Intelligence Unit report 2018?
A. Singapore
B. Dubai
C. Sharjah
D. Paris

274. Angela Merkel is a German Politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since___________?
A. November 2003
B. November 2005
C. November 2008
D. November 2011

275. Which country’s central bank has banned all banks from issuing LOUs and LOCs?
A. India
B. Pakistan
C. China
D. Bangladesh

276. American president has fired Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and has appointed whom as his successor?
A. Mike pompeo
B. James N.Mattis
C. Nikki haley
D. Jefferson sessions

277. Which famous physicist has died on 14th march 2018 in UK?
A. Stephen Hawking
B. Menas kafator
C. Theodor Kaluza
D. William charless

278. Which country has won Sultan Azlan shah cup (Hockey tournament) for record 10 times?
A. Australia
B. Malaysia
C. India
D. Argentina

279. Which country has won Sultan Azlan shah cup 2018 (Hockey tournament)?
A. Australia
B. India
C. Malaysia
D. Argentina

280. Who has been re-elected as the chancellor of Germany for fourth consecutive times?
A. Angela Merkel
B. Franke petry
C. Bjom Hocke
D. Gabriel Jobs

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