1141.48th Session of Foreign Ministers of OIC to be held on: _________?

A. March 18-20
B. March 19-20
C. March 22-23 *
D. March 24-25

1142.48th Session of Foreign Ministers of OIC to be held in: _________?

A. Islamabad *
B. Istanbul
C. Tashkent
D. Lahore

1143.UN designates _______ March as International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

A. 23rd
B. 14th
C. 15th *
D. 11th

1144.Pakistan proposed International Day to Combat Islamophobia through resolution in: ________?

A. General Assembly
B. Security Council
C. OIC *
D. European Union

1145.International Day to Combat Islamophobia is __________?

A. 27 February
B. 1st March
C. 8th March
D. 15th March *

1146.Which of the following country is presiding Security Council for the month of March 2022?

A. Qatar
B. UAE *
C. Egypt
D. Turkey

1147.Noor II military satellite belongs to which country?

B. China
C. Iran *
D. none of these

1148.Current Year IBSF Snooker Championship 2022 held at _________?

A. Banglore
B. Sofia
C. Doha *
D. None of these

1149.Who was winner of IBSF Snooker championship in 2022?

A. Amir Sarkosh
B. Ahsan Ramzan *
C. Muhammad Asif
D. None of these

1150.Noor 2 is a miltary satellite launched into orbit by: __________ in march 2022?

A. Pakistan
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Iran *

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