1311. How many sports are to be played in Rio olympics ?

A. 28 *
B. 24
C. 26
D. 30

1312. The person after whom the mascot name is given in Rio olympic was famous as ___________.

A. Freedom
B. Athlete
C. Social worker
D. Musician *

1313. What is the name of the Mascot for Rio olympics ?

A. Wenlock
B. Bely Mishka
C. Vinicius *
D. Soothorang

1314. Which of the following country is taking part in summer olympics for the first time along with Kosovo?

A. North Sudan
B. South Sudan *
C. East Sudan
D. West Sudan

1315. What is the motto of the olympics, 2016?

A. Brotherhood of the world
B. A new beginning
C. A new world *
D. None of them

1316. What is the number of participating countries in Rio Olympics 2016?

A. 192
B. 204
C. 200
D. 206 *

1317. Which sport is included in Rio olympics after 112 Years ?

A. Golf *
B. Cricket
C. Husking
D. None of these

1318. On which data a coup D’e’tat was attempted in Turkey ?

A. 15th July 2016 *
B. 16th July 2016
C. 18th July 2016
D. None of these

1319. The attempt was carried out by a faction within the Turkish armed forces that organized themselves under a council called :

A. The peace at home council *
B. Revolutionary council
C. Home peace council
D. Revolutionary council guards

1320. Who is responsible of coup d’├ętat in the thinking of Turkish government ?

A. A fiction of Army
B. Revolutionary people
C. Fethullah Gulen *