241. Indian Govt cancelled Haj subsidy for Muslims on 16th-Jan-2018, The Haj subsidy was first introduced in____________?
A. 1932
B. 1952
C. 1956
D. 1978

242. Which country recently bans English in primary schools after leaders warning?
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Iraq
C. North Korea
D. Iran

243. How many teams are participating in FIFA World Cup 2018 to be played in Russia in June 2018 ?
A. 30
B. 31
C. 32
D. None of the above

244. In which format Asia Cup 2018 will be played among Asian Cricket Teams?
B. T20
C. Test
D. T10

245. The Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process 7th ministerial conference held on_________?
A. 20 November 2017
B. 1 December 2017
C. 10 December 2017
D. 20 December 2017

246. The Heart of Asia – Istanbul process 7th ministerial conference held in_________?
A. Kabul
B. Istanbul
C. Baku
D. Islamabad

247. ‘History of Wolves’ book was written by:
A. Angie Thomas
B. Aysha jalal
C. Emily Fridlund
D. Margaret Wilkerson

248. Mice Pence is the_________ Vice President of America?
A. 40th
B. 44th
C. 48th
D. 49th

249. Who declared the 2nd most popular personality in USA by Gallop Survey?
A. Donald Trump
B. Barack Obama
C. Hillary Clinton
D. George Bush

250. The 2017 UN Bonn Climate change Conference was held in___________?
A. Australia
B. Austria
C. Germany
D. Switzerland

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