1331. Which is the capital of afghanistan ?

A. Tehran
B. Baghdad
C. Kabul *
D. Tashkent

1332. Which line separates afghanistan from pakistan ?

A. Durand line *
B. Mcmohan line
C. Maginot line
D. None of these

1333. How is the event that led to the invasion of afghanistan by USA and its allies is known ?

A. 9/11 *
B. 7/11
C. 26/7
D. 7/7

1334. When Taliban regime came into power in afghanistan ?

A. 1992
B. 1995
C. 1996 *
D. 1994

1335. Taliban remained in power from 1996 till 2001, who was their leader ?

A. Mullah Omar *
B. Osama Bin Laden
C. Hikmat Yar
D. Mullah Rabbani

1336. Which of the following countries recognized Taliban government in Afghanistan ?

A. Saudi Arabia
C. Pakistan
D. All of these

1337. Which king of Afghanistan was deposed in 1973?

A. Nadir Shah
B. Ahmed Shah Abdali
C. Muhammad Zahir Shah *
D. Amanullah

1338. Who was installed as president of afghanistan in 1979 After invasion of USSR ?

A. Muhammad Dawood
B. Babrak Karmal *
C. Hafizullah Amin
D. Noor Muhammad Taraki

1339. Who was the rule of Afghanistan at the time of soviet Invasion ?

A. Noor Muhammad Taraki
B. Babrak Karmal *
C. Najibullah
D. Muhammad Dawood

1340. When USSR Invaded Afghanistan ?

A. 24 December 1979 *
B. 23 December 1979
C. 22 December 1979
D. 21 December 1979