1501. The River Thames is located in :

A. England *
B. Scotland
C. Ireland
D. Finland

1502. The most populous city in the world is :

A. Beijing
B. Buenos Aires
C. Shanghai
D. Tokyo *

1503. Amilcar Hneriquez was shot dead in the coastal town of Colon, he associated with :

A. Hockey
B. Baseball
C. Shooting
D. Football *

1504. The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was :

A. Anwar Saadat *
B. Dr Abdul Salam
C. Dr Muhammad Younas
D. Yasir Arafat

1505. Qantas is an airline of :

A. Australia *
B. Sudan
C. Germany
D. Sweden

1506. AFP is a news agency of :

A. France *
B. Germany
C. Norway
D. Belgium

1507. The Oldest news agency in the world is :

A. AFP *

1508. World’s Oldest operational space launch facility is located in :

A. America
B. Russia
C. Kazakhstan *
D. India

1509. Which country has become the first country in the world to ban the metals mining nationwide ?

A. Guatemala *
B. Salvador
C. Honduras
D. Costa Rica

1510. The 9th World Environmental education congress which will be held september 9-15-2017 in :

A. Nigeria
B. Libya
C. Canada*
D. Palestine