1241. Astronaut peggy whitson made history when she floated outside international space station ,breaking the record for the most spacewalks by a woman ,She was from :

A. Japan
C. USA *
D. France

1242. Which two countries have signed an agreement to re establish diplomatic ties after a gap of 37 years ?

A. Cuba and Morocco *
B. India and Morocco
C. USA and China
D. Japan and Cuba

1243. _______ will be featured asa full sport at the 2022 asian games :

A. Video Gaming *
B. Baseball
C. Boat Race
D. Basketball

1244. Who of the following lit the 2016 Olympic cauldron?

A. Gustavo Kuerten
B. Vanderlei de lima *
C. Desiree Henry
D. Irina Rodina

1245. The opening ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics was held at which stadium ?

A. Maracana stadium *
B. Rice-EccleS stadium
C. BC place stadium
D. Turin stadium

1246. Name the american swimmer who recently won his/her 23rd olympic gold medal at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

A. Ryan Lochte
B. Conor Dwyer
C. Katie Ledecky
D. Michael Phelps *

1247. Who of the followings became the first brazilian to win a gold medal at 2016 Rio Olympics?

A. Erika Miranda
B. Mayra A guiar
C. Judoka Silva *
D. Mariana Silva

1248. Which country won the gold in first -ever olympic women’s rugby sevens championship in Rio de Janeiro?

A. Australia *
B. New Zeland
C. Canada
D. Britain

1249. Name the american swimmer who set a new world record to win gold in the women’s 400 metres freestyle at the Rio Olympics .

A. Jazmin Carlin
B. Leah Smith
C. Katie Ledecky *
D. None of the above

1250. Name the swimmer who became the first swimmer to win four consecutive gold medals in same event ?

A. Mark Spitz
B. Matt Biondi
C. Ryan Lochte
D. Michael Phelps *