1161.Who has won France’s presidential election 2022?

A. Marine Le Pen
B. Eric Zemmour
C. Emmanuel Macron *
D. None of these

1162.Recently Which of the following billionaire acquired Twitter for $44 billion?

A. Bill Gates
B. Elon Musk *
C. Mark Zuckerberg
D. Jeff Bezos

1163.Elon Musk Buys Twitter for $_________?

A. 44bn *
B. 34bn
C. 54bn
D. 44mn

1164.When Twitter was founded?

A. September 30, 2005
B. March 21, 2006 *
C. January 1, 2007
D. August 15, 2008

1165.23rd April is world _________ day?

A. World Teachers Day
B. World Books Day *
C. World Earth Day
D. World Children Day

1166.What is the theme of Earth Day in 2022?

A. Harmony with Nature and Biodiversity
B. Invest in Our Planet *
C. Restore our Earth
D. None of these

1167.Who is the Current Foreign Minister of Germany 2022?

A. Jawad Zareef
B. Annalena Baerbock *
C. Heiko Josef Maas
D. Allen Gurney

1168. What is the Theme of 17th G20 Summit that will take place at Indonesia in November 2022

A. People Plant Prosperity
B. Building and Sustaining Prosperity
C. Recover Together, Recover Stronger *
D. Realizing Opportunities of 21st Century for all

1169. Panama papers whistleblower has been threatened by which country in retribution?

A. Russia *
B. North Korea
C. Iran
D. None of These

1170. WHO has declared Monkeypox outbreak as a Global Health Emergency. Name its Director-General?

A. Ban ki Moon
B. T. Raja Kumar
C. Antonio Gutteres
D. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus *

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