291. Australia’s opener Cameron Bancroft has received a _________ month ban due to the incident of ball tampering?
A. 3 months
B. 6 months
C. 9 months
D. 11 months

292. Australia’s cricket team captain steve smith and his deputy David warner were stripped of their positions and banned for _________ by CA?
A. Two years
B. Three years
C. One year
D. Five years

293. Which country has faced ball tampering scandal in March 2018,following huge criticism worldwide?
A. Austrailia
B. S.Africa
C. India
D. Srilanka

294. Fire breaked out during riots,leaving 68 dead in which country’s jail?
A. Venezuella
B. Peru
C. Italy
D. Thailand

295. Which country has planned to build the world’s largest solar project worth an estimated $200B?
A. Saudi Arabia
B. China
D. Japan

296. Which country’s diplomats have been kicked out by more than 20 countries world wide?
A. Russia
D. Germany

297. Which of the following countries has been awarded ODI status by ICC until 2022?
A. Scotland
C. Nepal
D. All of the above

298. Which player has become the fastest bowler to the milestone of 100 ODI wickets to break the record of Mitchell starc?
A. Hassan Ali
B. Rashid khan
C. Mujib-ur-rehman
D. Moeen Ali

299. Who was named as the player of the tournament in 2018 ICC world cup qualifier?
A. Brendan Taylor
B. Sikandar Raza
C. Safyaan Sharif
D. Rashid khan

300. Which country has won the 2018 cricket world cup qualifier?
A. Afghanistan
C. Zimbabwe
D. Ireland

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