1401. Naxalites started as a section of the communist party of India (Marxist) (CPM):

A. Siliguri Kishan Sabha *
B. Jangal Santhal
C. Dantewada Kishan sabha
D. None of these

1402. Which state was known as North East Frontier agency ?

A. Mizoram
B. Tripura
C. Arunachala pradesh *
D. Manipur

1403. Area under Naxalite-Maoist Insurgency in India is known as :

A. Blue corridor
B. Red Hunt
C. Green Corridor
D. Red corridor *

1404. Initially the movement had its centre in :

A. West bengal *
B. Kamataka
C. Jharkhand
D. Uttar pradesh

1405. Government of india was recently launched operation against Naxalites. Which of the following code name of operation ?

A. Operation Blue hunt *
B. Operation Red hunt
C. Operation Green hunt
D. Operation peace hunt

1406. Naxals also launched an operation against the Indian government, which was a response to green hunt. Which of the followings code name of activity ?

A. Operation peace hunt *
B. Operation Blue hunt
C. Operation Red hunt
D. Operation Green peace

1407. Kashmir was purchased by Ghulab singh from British government for :

A. Rs 8.5 Million
B. Rs 7.5 Million *
C. Rs 9.5 Million
D. Rs 5.5 Million

1408. First Battle for freedom against the arbitrary and repressive rule of Dogra dynasty fought in :

A. 1930 *
B. 1932
C. 1931
D. 1933

1409.”Chenab Formula” to resolve the Kashmir dispute was presented by :

A. Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan *
B. Ali Shah Gilani
C. Sultan Mahmood
D. None of these

1410. ” Where was the line of control in Kashmir drawn?

A. 1965
B. 1966
C. 1948
D. 1972 *