1111.Who is the current Prime Minister of Israel 2022?

A. Yair Lapid
B. Isaac Herzog
C. Naftali Bennett *
D. Benjamin Netanyahu

1112.Which Islamic Country’s Surah Council has given approval to change the flag, emblem and national anthem of the country?

A. Afghanistan
B. Saudi Arabia *
C. Iraq
D. Jordan

1113.Who is the first person to win a gold medal in an individual event at five different Olympics?

A. Ireen Wust *
B. Usain Bolt
C. Micheal Jordan
d. None of these

1114.Which country has taken over the UN Security Council Presidency for the month of February 2022?

A. Russia *
B. China
C. Pakistan
D. None

1115._________ cricket team becomes first team to play 1000 ODI matches?

A. Pakistan
B. Australia
C. India *
D. England

1116.Which indian state has imposed ban on hijab in School and colleges?

A. Tamil Nadu
B. Maharashtra
C. Karnataka *
D. Uttar Pradesh

1117.Name of the girl who raised slogan of Allah O Akbar alone among the Mob chants Jai Shri Ram in India?

A. Sadia
B. Muskaan *
C. Hira
D. Rimsha

1118.Dr Luc Montagnier, Nobel-winning co-discoverer of HIV virus was from?

A. France *
B. Germany

1119.Currently in February 2022, there is a massive protest in Canada against

A. inflation
B. taxation
C. pension deduction
D. Covid Vaccine *

1120.Who has recently donated $5.7 billion to a charity?

A. Bill Gates
B. Elon Musk *
C. Larry Page
D. Mark Zuckerberg