491. In which of the following item stock turn rate is low?
A. Grocery
B. Agent
C. Jeweler
D. All of the above

492. If sport material is sale then in which form it is treated?
A. Expense
B. Liability
C. Asset
D. Income

493. The institution Non-trading is for?
A. Manufacturing goods
B. Selling Goods
C. Not to earn a profit
D. All of Above

494. A payment and receipt account is for?
A. Balance sheet
B. Profit & loss account
C. Trial balance
D. Cash book

495. Which thing do not maintains by Non-trading concerns?
A. Payment and receipt account
B. Income and expenditure account
C. Balance sheet
D. Trading Profit and Loss account

496. In advance which subscription received?
A. Liability
B.Capital Fund
C. Asset
D. Income
E. All of the above

497. in which side admission fee received treated?
A. Capital income
B. Revenue income
C. Partly revenue income
D. None of the above

498. The payment and receipt account is not for?
A Summary of cash transaction
B. Real account
C. Nominal account
D.All of the above

499. The Expenditure and income account start with?
A. Credit balance
B. No balance
C. Debit balance
D. Liabilities

500. Expenditure and income account is equal to?
A. Profit and loss account
B. Petty cash book
C. Balance sheet
D. All of the above