311. Amount paid to Masood posted to the credit side of his account would affect___________?
A. Masood’s account
B. Cash account
C. Cash account and Gagan’s account
D. None of these

312. Which of the following statements is/are true ?
A. A sale of an asset is recorded in the Sales Book
B. Total of Return Outward Book is debited to Return Outward Account
C. The balance of Petty Cash Book is a liability
D. Cash Book is a subsidiary book as well as a ledger

313. Which of the following is true regarding closing entries?
A. They must be followed by reversing entries
B. They transfer the balances in all of the Nominal Accounts to the Trading and Profit and Loss Account
C. They must be made after the reversing entries but before the adjusting entries
D. They must be made after the adjusting entries but before the reversing entries

314. Closing stock is generally valued at______________?
A. Cost Price
B. Market Price
C. Cost price or Market price whichever is higher
D. Cost price or Market price whichever is lower

315. Which of the following assets is/are to be valued at the lower of cost and net realizable value?
A. Goodwill
B. Inventories
C. Investments
D. Both B. and C. above.

316. A few errors committed in Ahluwalia’s books of account are given below. State which errors would affect the Trial Balance.
(a). Sales of `950 to Ram completely omitted from books of account
(b). Purchases of `720 from Shyam entered in the purchases journal as `700
(c). Purchases Journal is overcast by `1,000
(d). Sales returns journal is undercast by `200
(e) Amount paid to Agarwal wrongly posted to the debit to Mittal’s account
(f) Bank overdraft shown under debit column in the Trial Balance
(g) Sales of `500 to Sadiq entered in sales journal as sales to Mushtaq
(h) Wages paid for installation of machinery debited to wages account

A. a, c and g
B. c, d and f
C. c, d, e and h
D. c, d, f and h

317. Which of the following methods is not a practical way of realizing revenue?
A. Delivery method
B. Percentage-of-completion method
C. Production method
D. Moving average method

318. The amount payable to a person as consideration for the use of rights vested in him is
A. Dividend
B. Royalty
C. Purchase consideration
D. Installment

319. Buildings account is debited with an amount towards repairs. This is an example of?
A. Error of commission
B. Error of principle
C. Error of omission
D. Compensating error

320. The concept of conservatism will have the effect of______________?
A. Overstatement of Assets
B. Understatement of Assets
C. Overstatement of Liabilities
D. Understatement of Liabilities