441. In accounting an Economic event is referred to as:
A. Cash
B. Bank statement
C. Transaction
D. Exchange of money

442. Identify the correct sequence of accounting process
A. Communicating→Recording→Identifying
B. Recording→Communicating→Identifying
C. Identifying→communicating→recording
D. Identifying→recording→communicating

443. Bookkeeping mainly concerns with which part of accounting process?
A. Analyzing
B. Preparing financial statements
C. Recording financial information
D. Auditing the books of accounts

444. Financial accounting provides financial information to all of the following external users except:
A. Government agencies
B. investors
C. Creditors
D. Managers

445. For which step of accounting process the accountants of business entity prepare financial statements?
A. Identification of economic event
B. Communication of financial information
C. Recording financial information
D. Making decisions about business

446. Keeping the log of financial information in books of original entries is called__________?
A. Recording
B. summarizing
C. Grouping
D. Processing

447. Auditing is what?
A. Reporting the financial information
B. Examination of financial statements
C. Preparation financial statements
D. maintaining the ledger records

448. Which of the following is the external user of financial statements?
A. Manager of the business
B. CEO of the business
C. Creditor of the business
D. Controller of the business

449. Which of the following is the internal user of financial statements?
A. Creditor of the business
B. Government agency
C. Shareholder of the business
D. Manager of the business

450. _________ is the first phase of accounting cycle?
A. Identifying an economic event or transaction
B. Preparing journals
C. Posting entries to ledger accounts
D. Making decisions about business