1681. Which of the following is not a part of shareholder’s equity of limited liabilty company:

A. Share premium
B. Revalution reserves
C. Ordinary share capital
D. Redeemable preferred share capital *

1682. A company has an authorized share capital of 2,000,000 $ consisitin of 50c ordinary shares . The issue share capital of the company consists of 8,00,000 shares. A dividend of 3 c per share is declared. What is the amount of dividend payable to shareholders ?

A. 34,000 $
B. 24,000 $ *
C. 18,000 $
D. 25,000 $

1683. Revenue reserves of a company would increase if the company :

A. Declares dividend
B. Issues shares at a premium
C. Retains profit in the company *
D. Creates reserves out of retained earning

1684. A company’s authorized share capital consists of 8,000,000 25c ordinary shares. The company pays a dividend 5% and the the total amount recieved by the shareholder is 60,000 $. What is the amount is of paid up capital of the company appearing in its statement of financial position?

A. 1,200,000 $ *
B. 1,300,000 $
C. 1,400,000 $
D. 1,300,000 *

1685. Under which of the following style business, retained earning account is maintained :

A. Sole ownership
B. Partnership business
C. Company *
D. All of above

1686. The amount for which an asset could be exchanged or a liability settled between knowledgeable willing parties in an arm’s lenght transacton is called :

A. Revenue
B. Fair Market values *
C. Cost Value
D. Dividend

1687. Minority interest account in the books of holding company is a liability account :

A. True
B. False *

1688. In a limited liability company, the net profit or loss of the company is transferred to :

A. Share capital account
B. Capital reserve account
C. Retained earning account *
D. General reserve account

1689. A company has 250,000 $ ordinary shares at par value of 40 cents each and 140,00 6 % preference shares at a par value of 80 cents each.In addition to the dividend on preference shares, the board of directors declares an 8c dividend per ordinary share:

A. 50,000 $
B. 56,720 $ *
C. 6,720 $
D. 56,000 $

1690. At the point when standard results is 10 units each hour and genuine result is 12 units each hour, the proficiency is :

A. 80 %
B. 120 % *
C. 100 %
D. None of these