1481. A Large columnar working paper for the accountants for analyzing the all, accounting data required at the end of the financial period , is known as :

A. Bank statement
B. Final accounts
C. Work sheet *
D. Financial statement

1482. One way of avoiding errors in the permanent accounting records, is to use a form, called :

A. Bank statement
B. Work sheet *
C. Balance sheet
D. Journal form

1483. A working paper of accountants, p reparied by lead pencil is :

A. Work sheet *
B. Balance sheet
C. Income statement
D. General Journal

1484. Which one of the following is not consider the permanent part of the accounting record :

A. Journal
B. Trial balance
C. Balance sheet
D. Worksheet *

1485. A working paper which is prepared by the accountant for hs own convenience is called :

A. Work sheet
B. Cash flows statement
C. Balance sheet *
D. Final accounts

1486. The amount invested by the person in the business to produce revenue is said to be :

A. Capital *
B. Revenue
C. Assets
D. Expense

1487. The price of goods sold or services rendered by a business to its customers is known as :

A. Capital
B. Revenue *
C. Asset
D. Expense

1488. Transaction having long term effect are known as :

A. Revenue transactions
B. Revenue expenditures
C. Capital expenditures
D. Capital transactions *

1489. Transaction having short term effect are known as :

A. Revenue
B. Capital
C. Revenue transaction *
D. Capital transaction

1490. Any expenditure that benefits the business for several accounting years is regarded us a :

A. Capital expenditure *
B. Revenue expenditure
C. Deferred expenditure
D. Current expenditure