761. Which of the following items of expense are to be add in FOH cost
A. Rent of factory + Head office rent + salaries to factory watchman
B. Rent of factory + factory lighting bill + Directors salaries
C. Rent of factory + factory lighting bill + Factory employees salaries
D. Head office rent + Factory property tax + Factory small tools

762. If, Gross profit = Rs. 40,000 GP Margin = 20% of sales What will be the value of cost of goods sold?
A.Rs. 160,000
B.Rs. 120,000
C.Rs. 40,000
D.Rs. 90,000

763. Taking steps for the fresh purchase of those stocks which have been exhausted and for which requisitions are to be honored in futureā€ is an easy explanation of:
A. Overstocking
B. Under stocking
C. Replenishment of stock
D. Acquisition of stock

764. Net Income before Interest and tax is also called:
A. Operating Income/Profit
B. Gross Profit
C. Marginal Income
D. Other Income

765. Which of the following is indirect cost?
A. The depreciation of machinery
B. The overtime premium incurred at the specific request of a customer
C. The hire of tools for a specific job
D. All of the given options

766. In which of the following center FOH cost NOT incurred
A. Production Center
B. Service Center
C. General Cost Center
D. Head Office

767. Which of the following is considered as basic systems of remunerating labor?
A. Time rate system
B. Piece rate system
C. Halsey Premium plan
D. Both time rate and piece rate system

768. Net sales = Sales less:
A. Sales returns
B. Sales discounts
C. Sales returns & allowances
D. Sales returns & allowances and sales discounts

769. An organizationĀ sold units 4000 and have closing finished goods 3500 units and opening finished goods units were 1000.The quantity of unit produced would be:
A. 7500 units
B. 6500 units
C. 4500 units
D. 8500 units

770. A store ledger card is similar to the ________ .
A. Stock ledger
B. Bin card
C. Material card
D. Purchase requisition card