451. Financial statements differ from management account because
A. They are mainly prepared for external users of financial information
B. They are more complex and hard to prepare
C. The are the summary of accounting data
D. The are prepared on basis of actual concept

452. ________ is a separate legal entity that Total capital can be divided in many shares.
A. Partnership
B. Sole proprietorship
C. Company
D. Non-profit organization

453. An asset posses which of the following?
A. Future economic benefits for the business
B. All kind of benefits for the business
C. Expenses for the business
D. Merits and Demerits for the business

454. Liabilities are which of the following?
A. Resources
B. Obligations
C. Future benefits
D. Expenses

455. ________ is the gross inflow of economic benefits?
A. Assets
B. Liabilities
C. Income
D. Expenses

456. The gross decrease in economic benefits for the business are what?
A. Expenses
B. Obligations
C. Creditors
D. Income or gain

457. An asset must be _______ by the business to be shown as an asset in its “balance sheet”
A. Possessed
B. Owned
C. Controlled
D. Used

458. Liability are arisen from which of the following events?
A. Present event
B. Future event
C. Past event
D. None of them

459. Which of the following can be considered as the most important phase of accounting cycle and it is the primarily objective of financial accounting?
A. Identifying transactions
B. Preparing “T Accounts”
C. Preparing financial statements
D. Preparing trial balances

460. Which is the most important characteristic that all assets of a business have?
A. Long life of assets
B. Value of assets
C. Intangible nature of assets
D. Future economic benefits