291. Which of the following is not correct about Errors?
A. Errors which affect one account can be errors of posting
B. Errors of omission arise when any transaction is left to be recorded
C. Errors of carry forward from one year to another year affect both Personal and Real A/c
D. Error of Commission arises because of wrong recording, wrong casting, wrong carry
forward, wrong posting, wrong balancing 

292. If goods worth 1,750 returned to a supplier is wrongly entered in sales return book as 1,570, then
A. Net Profit will decrease by 3,140
B. Gross Profit will increase by 3,320
C. Gross Profit will decrease by 3,500
D. Gross Profit will decrease by 3,320

293. For the past 3 years, DK Ltd. has failed to accrue unpaid wages earned by workers during the last week of the year. The amounts omitted, which were considered material, were as follows:
March 31,2010 – ` 56,000
March 31, 2011 – ` 51,000
March 31, 2012 – ` 64,000

The entry on March 31, 2012 to rectify these omissions would include a
A. Credit to wage expense for ` 64,000
B. Debit to wage expense for ` 64,000
C. Debit to wage expense for ` 51,000
D. Debit to wage expense for ` 13,000

294. Purchase journal is kept to record_____________?
A. All purchases of goods
B. All credit purchases of goods
C. All credit purchases
D. None of these

295. The beginnings inventory of the current year is overstated by 5,000 and closing inventory is overstated by 12,000. These errors will cause the net income for the current year by
A. 17,000 (overstated.
B. 12,000 (understated.
C. 7,000 (overstated.
D. 7,000 (understated.

296. The accountant of Leo Ltd. recorded a payment by cheque to a creditor for supply of materials as 1,340.56. The bank recorded the cheque at its correct amount of 3,140.56. The Company has not passed any rectification entries and the error is not detected through the bank reconciliation. The impact of this error is
A. The Trial Balance will not agree
B. The balance of creditors is understated
C. The purchases are understated
D. The favorable bank balance as per Pass Book is less than the Bank balance as per Cash book

297. Which of the following errors affects the agreement of a Trial Balance?
A. Mistake in balancing an account
B. Omitting to record a transaction entirely in the subsidiary books
C. Recording of a wrong entry in the subsidiary books
D. Posting an entry on the correct side but in the wrong account

298. Which of the following should not be treated as revenue expenditure?
A. Interest on loans and debentures
B. Annual fire insurance premiums on Plant and Equipment
C. Sales tax paid in connection with the purchase of office equipment
D. Small expenditures on long- lived assets, such as ` 20 for a paper weight.

299. Capital expenditure is an expenditure which
A. Benefits the current accounting period
B. Will benefit the next accounting period
C. Results in the acquisition of a permanent asset
D. Results in the acquisition of a current asset

300. Which of the following is not a deferred revenue expenditure?
A. Expenses in connection with issue of equity shares
B. Preoperative expenses
C. Heavy advertising expenses to introduce a new product
D. Legal expenses incurred in defending a suit for breach of contract to supply goods