501. The money required for Non-profit company day by day is ?
A. Capital Fund
B. Liability
C. Income’
D. Shares

502. The Payment and Receipt account starts with?
A. Ending balance
B. opening balance
C. Trial balance
D. None of the above

503. the Capital fund shown on which side of balance sheet?
A. Credit side
B. Debit side
C. Asset side
D. Liability side

504. The consignor is the:
A. An agent
B. Creditor of Consignee
C. Debtor of Consignee
D. Principle
E. All of the above

505. Normal losses are arises due to ?
B. Natural causes
C. Avoidable factory
D. Breaking in bulk
E. Unavoidable factory

506. The acceptance of Bill of exchange in Consignee book is debited to?
A. Consignment account
B. Consignor acoount
C. Trading account
D. Profit and loss account
E. Income and Expenditure account

507. The term of account and sales account are by Nature:
A. Equal
B. Same
C. Different
D. Valuable
E. All of the above

508. The Consignment stock appears in the balance sheet of :
A. Consignee
B. Consignor
C. both A and B
D. None of the above
E. All of the above

509. Which process is followed for adjusting invoice price to the cost price?
A. Invoicing
B. Costing
C. Loading
D. Unloading
E. None of the above

510. The consignee is the?
A. Agent
B. Buyer
C. Principal
D. Seller
E. None of the above