561. The Debenture holders are…….
A. Customers
B. Debtors
C. Owners
D. Creditors
E. All of the above

562. Interest in debited to the asset account…..
A. Insurance policy method
B. Depletion method
C. Depreciation fund method
D. Annuity Method
E. Replacement method

563. For the replacement of asset the provision method is………….
A. Sinking fund method
B. Annuity method
C. Written down value method
D. Insurance policy method
E. Depletion method

564. The profit on depreciation policy is…
A. Profit and loss account
B. Asset account
C. Depreciation fund account
D. Investment account
E. none of these

565. The asset always appears in the provision method of depreciation is…..
A. Market price
B. Global price
C. Scrap value
D. Cost price
E. All of the above

566. The net charge on the profit and loss account is same as…..
A. Depreciation fund method
B. Annuity method
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

567. The annual charge for depreciation will be debited under annuity method is………
A. Interest account
B. Asset account
C. Depreciation account
D. All of the above

568. Double entry book-keeping was fathered by:
B. Henry Fayol
C. Lucas Pacioli.

569. Funds Flow Statement and sources and application statement are:
A. Synonymous
B. Antagonistic
C. None of these.

570. Depreciation in spirit is similar to:
A. Depletion
B. Amortization
C. Depression.