1571. Over casting of purchase book is in example of error of :

A. Carry forward
B. Posting
C. Compensation
D. Casting

1572. Error of posting affects :

A. One account *
B. Two accounts
C. Three accounts
D. Four accounts

1573. Sales of 625 $ to ali were posted to his account as 562 $ . to rectify the error ali’s account will be

A. Debited by 118 $
B. Debited by 63 $ *
C. Credite by 63 $
D. Both debited and credited by 63 $

1574. Sales of 500 $ to amjad were not recorded while rectifying this error , amjad’s account will be :

A. Credited by 1000 $
B. Credited by 500 $
C. Debited by 500 $ *
D. Debited by 1000 $

1575. An asset was purchased for the business however the amount was debited to purchases account. it is an error of :

A. Recording
B. Posting
C. Costing
D. Principle *

1576. Some expenses are incurred at the time of the sale of an asset . The amount will be debited to :

A. Assets account *
B. Expenses account
C. Cash account
D. Purchase account

1577. Impersonal accounts are affected by :

A. Errors of carry forward *
B. Errors of casting
C. Errors of omission
D. None of these

1578. Purchases from Kamran 499 $ were not recoreded this will affect :

A. Only purchases account
B. Only Kamran account
C. Both the accounts *
D. None of these

1579. Sales to Fahad, 506 $ posted to his account as 605 $ affect :

A. Sales account
B. Fahad account *
C. Cash account
D. Debtors account

1580. Sales to Imran 336 $ have been debited to kamran’s account This will be rectified by :

A. Debiting Imran’s account and credited Kamrans account *
B. Debiting Kamran’s account and crediting Imran’s account
C. Crediting both accounts
D. None of these