1.If three forces acting in different planes can be represented by a triangle, these will be in________________?

A. non-equilibrium
B. partial equilibrium
C. full equilibrium
D. unpredictable
E. none of the above

2. A pair of smith’s tongs is an example of the lever of__________________?

A. zeioth order
B. first order
C. second order
D. third order
E. fourth order

3. In the lever of third order, load W, effort P and fulcrum F are oriented as follows_________________?

A. W between P and F
B. F between W and P
C. P between W and F
D. W, P and F all on one side
E. none of the above

4. Which of the following is not the unit of pressure ?

A. kg/cm
B. ata
C. atmosphere
D. mm of wcl
E. newton

5. Hot wire anemometer is used to measure_______________?

A. discharge
B. velocity of gas
C. pressure intensity of gas
D. pressure intensity of liquid

6. The unit of power in S.I. units is______________?

A. newton meter
B. watt
C. joule
D. kilogram meter/sec
E. pascal per sec

7. If two equal forces of magnitude P act at an angle 9°, their resultant will be________________?

A. P/2 cos 9/2
B. IP sin 9/2
C. 2P tan 9/2
D. IP cos 9/2
E. Psin 9/2

8. Which of the following do not have identical dimensions ?

A. Momentum and impulse
B. Torque and energy
C. Torque and work
D. Kinetic energy and potential energy
E. Moment of a force and angular momentum

9. Which of the following is not the unit of power ?

A. kW (kilowatt)
B. hp (horse power)
C. kcal/sec
D. kg m/sec
E. kcal/kg sec

10. The algebraic sum of the resolved parts of a number of forces in a given direction is equal to the resolved part of their resultant in the same direction. This is as per the principle of__________________?

A. forces
B. independence of forces
C. dependence of forces
D. balance of force
E. resolution of forces

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