1031. Two cars A and B move at 15m/s in the same direction and the car B is 300 m ahead of car A. If car A is accelerated at 6 m/s2 while car B continues to move with the same velocity , the car A will overtake car B at time :

A. 7.5 s
B. 10 s *
C. 12 s
D. 15 s

1032. A distance of 10 kilometers separates two cars traveling in the same direction at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. If, after six minutes, a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction collides with these two vehicles. Its velocity would be:

A. 50 km/hr
B. 55 km/hr *
C. 60 km/hr
D. 72 km/hr

1033. The driver of a train traveling at 20 m/s sees another train traveling at 4 m/s on the same track and in the same direction. He applies the brakes immediately, and the train begins to slow down at 1 m/s2. In order to prevent a collision, the minimum distance between the two trains at the moment of first sight should be:

A. 80 m
B. 128 m *
C. 40 m
D. 400 m

1034. A train travels two stations 20km apart in 24 minutes. During the journey the train accelerates uniformly for some distance and then has a uniform retardation. The maximum velocity attained by the train during during the journey will be :

A. 80 km/hr
B. 100 km/hr *
C. 125 km/hr
D. 150 km/hr

1035. A molecule moves with uniform speed increase along a straight line ABC. Particle speeds at positions A and C are 5 cm/s and 25 cm/s, respectively. If point B is in the middle of A and C, the ratio of time taken by the particle to travel distances AB and BC is as follows:

A. 2 : 1
B. 1 : 1 *
C. 1 : 2
D. 1 : 5

1036. A food packet is released from a helicopter that is steadily rising at 2 m/s. After two seconds, the packet’s velocity will be:

A. 18 m/s *
B. 22 m/s
C. 32 m/s
D. 38 m/s

1037. A body is allowed to fall from the top ofa tower. It falls through half the height in 2 seconds .The total time taken to reach the ground is nearly :

A. 4.5 s
B. 4.0 s
C. 3.2 s
D. 2.8 s *

1038. A stone takes 6 seconds to reach the ground after it is dropped from a tower . If the stone is stopped after 2 seconds of its fall and then released again. It will take __________ more seconds to reach the ground:

A. 3.4
B. 4.0 *
C. 4.8
D. 5.6

1039. A body is dropped from rest at height h. It covers a distance 9/25 in the last second the height h is about :

A. 100 m
B. 115 m
C. 125 m*
D. 150 m

1040. With an initial velocity of 15 m/s, a body is thrown vertically upward. How long would it take for the body to return to where it was thrown?

A. 1 sec
B. 2 sec
C. 3 sec
D. 4 sec *