1041. After a one-second delay, two balls fall from the same spot. If speed increase because of gravity is 10m/s2 their partition 3 seconds after the arrival of first ball would be :

A. 5 m
B. 15 m
C. 25 m *
D. 30 m

1042. A body slides down a smooth inclined plane and takes 4 seconds to reach the bottom. If it starts from rest at the top the time taken to cover 1/4 th distance from top is :

A. 1 second
B. 1.2 second
C. 1.6 second
D. 2.0 second *

1043. Beginning in the rest position, two metallic blocks with masses in the proportion 2:3 are made to slide down a frictionless slanted plane until they arrive at the base. Their kinetic energies will be in the following ratio:

A. 2: 3*
B. 4: 9
C. 3: 2
D. 9: 4

1044. The time-acceleration graph of a body moving with uniform acceleration is a straight line:

A. Passing through the origin
B. Inclined to the time axis
C. Parallel to time axis *
D. Parallel to acceleration axis

1045. A particle at rest at the origin is subjected to an acceleration which varies with time according to the relation a = 3t .After 5 seconds the distance of the particle from origin will be :

A. 32 m
B. 46.5 m
C. 62.5 m *
D. 80 m

1046. A boatman can push at 6 km/hr in still water .On the off chance that the stream consistently at 3 km/hr along which bearing with the bank of waterway the boatman ought to push to arrive at a guide on the other bank straightforwardly inverse toward the point from where he began ?

A. 30 Degree
B. 60 Degree
C. 120 Degree *
D. 150 Degree

1047. Rain is falling vertically downwards. To someone running east, it will appear as though it is coming from:

A. East *
B. West
C. North East
D. South East

1048. A rocket consumes fuel at the rate of 100kg/s and the exhaust gases are ejected at a speed of 45 km/s . The thrust of the rocket in MN would then be equivalent to:

A. 2.25
B. 4.5 *
C. 0.45
D. 0.225

1049. A man weighing 60 N jumps off a railway train running on horizontal rails at 20 km/hr with a packet weighing 100 N in his hand . The thrust of packet on his hand is :

A. Zero *
B. 100 N
C. 500 N
D. 700 N

1050. The time axis and the displacement time graph for the two particles A and B are oriented in a straight line at 30 and 45 degrees, respectively. Va is the ratio of speeds: Vb will focus on:

A. 0.33
B. 0.5
C. 0.58 *
D. 0.87