51. The stress developed in a material at breaking point in extension is called__________?
A. Breaking stress
B. Fracture stress
C. Yield point stress
D. Proof stress

52. The part of the coupling that actually transmits power and rotation from one shaft to the other shaft is_________?
A. gap
B. hub
C. key
D. driver

53. Which tool is used to measure gap size in a rough alignment?
A. Inside caliper
B. Dial indicator
C. Feeler gage
D. Measuring tape

54. Ball valves are commonly used to_________?
A. throttle flow
B. check flow
C. change flow direction
D. start/stop flow

55. What is the most common valve used in piping systems to throttle or regulate flow ?
A. Globe valve
B. Gate valve
C. Butterfly valve
D. Plug valve

56. Atmospheric pressure is equal to____________?
A. 1.013 bar
B. 760mm of Hg
C. 101.3KN/m2
D. All of these

57. The heat loss in a boiler takes place in the form of________________?
A. heat carried away by flue gases
B. heat carried away by ash
C. moisture present in fuel and steam formed by combustion of hydrogen in fuel
D. radiation
E. all of the above

58. In forced circulation type boiler__________________?
A. heating takes place at bottom and the water supplied at bottom gets converted into the mixture of steam bubbles and hot water which rise to drum
B. water is supplied in drum and through down-comers located in atmospheric condition it passes to the water wall and rises to drum in the form of mixture of water and steam
C. feed pump is employed to supplement natural circulation in water wall type furnace
D. water is converted into steam in one pass without any recirculation
E. water is heated in a large number of tubes

59. The overall efficiency of thermal power plant is________________?
A. boiler efficiency, turhine efficiecny, generator efficiency
B. all the three above plus gas cycle efficiency
C. carnot cycle efficiency
D. regenerative cycle efficiency
E. rankine cycle efficiency

60. The radius of a dished head is taken approximately as______________________?
A. one-fourth
B. half
C. one
D. two
E. three

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