1081. A salinometer measures :

A. Density of salt solutions that is brine *
B. Moisture content of sand
C. Intensity of illumination
D. Condenser vaccum

1082. Fatigue: endurance limite: creep:

A. Modulus of elasticity
B. Time
C. Rupture strenght *
D. Hysteresis

1083. The loss of strenght in compression with simultaneous gain in strenght in tension due to over loading is referred to as :

A. Hysteresis
B. Cladding
C. Sintering
D. Boehringer effect *

1084. Operating cost is least in case of _____________ power plant:

A. Hydro-electric *
B. Steam turbine
C. Diesel engine
D. Gas turbine

1085. Temperatures near absolute zero are obtained by :

A. Themionic emission
B. Magnetic cooling *
C. Joule-Thomson expansion
D. Liquification of carbon dioxide

1086. Which aspect is not true in the context of air lift pump ?

A. Belongs to the category of reciprocating pump *
B. Requires compressed air for its operation
C. Has a very low efficiency
D. Deals with the rule “denser fluid backings a lighter fluid “

1087. The plastic products such as buckets ,Bowls ,telephone cases etc are made by :

A. Press forming
B. Injection moulding *
C. Blow moulding
D. Impact extrusion

1088. What material is used as the insulating body of a car spark plug ?

A. Silica
B. Dolomite
C. Glass
D. Alumina *

1089. Piston rings of an IC engine are made of :

A. Cast iron *
B. Aluminium
C. Phosphor bronze
D. Carbon steel

1090. The specific gravity of diesel is :

A. 1.25
B. 0.85 *
C. 0.70
D. 0.50