781. Mauwazatain mean________________?
A. A collection of Ahadith
B. Two specific surah of Quran
C. A book of jafferi Fiqh
D. A book of Hanafi Fiqh

782. In how many years Makki Surah were revealed?
A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

783. The name of the sixth Kalimah is______________?
A. Kalimah Tamjeed
B. Kalimah Tauheed
C. Kalimah Shahadat
D. Kalimah Radd-i-Kufar

784. The name of the fifth Kalimah is ?
A. Kalimah Tamjeed
B. Kalimah Istighfar
C. Kalimah Shahdat
D. Kalimah Tauheed

785. The creation of heaven and earth is in which Surah ________?
A. Surah Yaseen
B. Surah rehman
C. Surah namal
D. Surah Al Al A’raf

786. There are 3 Farz, 10 sunnat and____________ wajibat in Hajj.
A. 13
B. 11
C. 9
D. 6

787. Total number of surah in quran are _______?
A. 111
B. 110
C. 114
D. 116

788. Which False Prophet Was Called The Liar’ By The Holy Prophet ?
A. Musailama al Kazzab
B. Sajjah
C. Anwad Ansi
D. None Of Them

789. First convert to Islam was a __________?
A. Lady
B. Boy
C. Slave
D. Companion

790. Qabeel & Habeel were the sons of which prophet?
A. Hazrat Nooh (AH)
B. Hazrat Daud (AH)
C. Hazrat Yaqoob (AH)
D. Hazrat Adam (AH)