201. The book of Hadith, Kitaab-ul-Aathaar, was compiled by __________ ?
A. Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani (R.A)
B. Imam Shafi (R.A)
C. Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (R.A)
D. Imam Malik (R.A)

202. What was the age of Hazart Umer R.A when the embracced islam ?
A. 27 years
B. 28 years
C. 29 years
D. 32 years

203. How many times, the word ‘Allah’, is repeated in the Holy Quran?
A. 2694
B. 2698
C. 2695
D. None of these

204. When did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visit Ta’if?
A. 10th Nabvi
B. 9th Nabvi
C. 8th Nabvi
D. None of these

205. Hazrat zakirya was the contemporary of_________?
A. Hazrat Isa a.s
B. Hazrat Moosa a.s
C. hazrat Haroon
D. None

206. __________ was the carpenter ?
A. Hazrat Moosa a.s
B. Hazrat Issa a.s
C. Hazrat Zakirya
D. None of these

207. jihad means____________?
A. To Fight
B. To Conquer
C. To Struggle
D. To Obey

208. _________ cured the victims of leprosy as a miracle ?
A. Hazrat Idrees a.s
B. Hazrat Issa a.s
C. Hazrat yahya a.s
D. None


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