1061. Who established stipends for the poor among the jews and the christians?

A. Abu Bakr Siddique RA
B. Omar Farooq RA *
C. Usman Ghani RA
D. Ali Al- Murtaza RA

1062. Makkah was conquered by ?

A. Ramadan 8 A.H *
B. Shawwal 8 A.H
C. Ramadan 10 A.H
D. Shawwal 10 A.H

1063. Ibrahim R.A was son of prophet muhammad pbuh .The mother of Ibrahim R.A. was?

A. Hazrat Khadija RA
B. Hazrat Aisha RA
C. Hazrat Hafsa RA
D. Hazrat Maria RA *

1064. ________ wives of Prophet muhammad PBUH, The mother of all muslims died in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

A. 2 *
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

1065. Fundamentals of islam are ______in number?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 5 *
D. 7

1066. The word ” Tehlil” means?

A. Recitation of Kalimah *
B. Recitation of Hadith
C. Recitation of The Holy Quran
D. None of A B & C

1067. Namaz-e-khasoof is related to ?

A. Lunar eclipse
B. Solar eclipse *
C. Peace
D. Rain

1068. Namaz-e-istisqa is related to ?

A. Peace of Nation
B. Blessing of Allah
C. Rain
D. All of them

1069. When were five prayers made obligatory during the life of Holy Prophet PBUH?

A. During the stay at Ghar-e-sor
B. Stay at Ghar-e-Hira
C. At the occasion of Miraj *
D. None of them

1070. For whom is the Jumma Compulsory?

A. Women
B. Men *
C. Children
D. Disabled Persons

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