111. Who discovered the “Zam Zam Well”?
(A) Abdul Muttalib; Prophet’s grandfather
(B) Abdullah; Prophet’s father
(C) Aminah; Prophet’s mother
(D) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

112. The economic and social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in the _____ year of Prophethood.
(A) 4th
(B) 5th
(C) 6th
(D) 7th

113. The boycott of Banu Hashim continued for _____ years.
(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) five

114. Who was among the first group of Muslims who migrated to Abyssinia?

(A) Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)
(B) Umar Farooq (R.A)
(C) Usman Ghani (R.A)
(D) Ali Al-Murtaza (R.A)

115. The holy book Torah was revealed by Allah to Prophet

(A) Moosa (A.S)
(B) Dawood (A.S)
(C) Essa (A.S)
(D) Imrahim (A.H)

116. The conquest of Makkah occurred in the _______ year of Hijra.
(A) 6th
(B) 7th
(C) 8th
(D) 9th

117. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wrote letters to different rulers of the world to follow Islam. The king of _____ tore the letter of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
(A) Iraq
(B) Egypt
(C) Syria
(D) Iran

118. Muslims perform tawaaf around the Holy Ka’bah on the earth. The Angels perform tawaaf around the
(A) Baitul Aman
(B) Baitul Ma’moor
(C) Sidrat al-Muntaha
(D) None of these

119. Baitul Ma’moor is located directly above the _____ in the highest Heavens (the seventh Heaven).

(A) Masjid Nabawi
(B) Maqam Ibrahim
(C) Ka’bah
(D) Al-Aqsa Mosque


120. Which month was called the month of migration?
(A) Muharram
(B) Sha’ban
(C) Ramadan
(D) Rabi’ al-awwal


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