491. The Act of Shortening ones prayer while on journey is called?
A. Wajib
B. Khusar
C. Qasr
D. Sunnat

492. What is verbal meaning of Zakat?
A. To Purify
B. To Stained
C. To adulteration
D. None of These

493. What is the number of Zakat among Pillars?
A. Second
B. Third
C. Fourth
D. Fifth

494. In which Hijri year Zakat was imposed?
A. 2 Hajri
B. 3 Hajri
C. 4 Hajri
D. 5 Hajri

495. On which of the follwing Zakat money can be spent?
A. Parents
B. Poor Muslims
C. Non Muslims
D. None of Them

496. Falqaram (Nisab) for Camel is____________ Camels?
A. 4 Camels
B. 5 Camels
C. 8 Camels
D. 10 Camels

497. What is falqaram for goats?
A. 30 goats
B. 40 goats
C. 50 goats
D. 60 goats

498. On gold falqaram (nisab) is____________?
A. 7 1/2 Tolas
B. 8 1/2 Tolas
C. 9 1/2 Tolas
D. 10 1/2 Tolas

499. What is the Ratio of Zakat in grams on Silver approximately?
A. 400 grams of silver
B. 405.40 grams of silver
C. 500.12 grams of silver
D. 612.36 grams of silver

500. What is the Ratio of Zakat in grams on Gold approximately?
A. 64.14 grams of gold
B. 74.23 grams of gold
C. 87.48 grams of gold
D. 92.62 grams of gold


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