1231. Which Surah has the same number of verses as the number of Surah of Holy Quran?

A. Taqveer (114 Verses) *
B. Al Rehman
C. Al Anbiya
D. Al Hijr

1232. How many Surah name is of only one letter?

A. Two
B. Three *
C. Six
D. Seven

1233. How many Surahs are makki and How many are Maddani?

A. Makki 84, Maddani 30
B. Makki 80, Maddani 34
C. Makki 86, Maddani 28 *
D. Makki 82, Maddani 29

1234. Which Surah is the name of tribe of Holy Prophet ?

A. Quraish *
B. Taha
C. Luqman
D. Al-Fatir

1235. Which surah is called the heart of the Holy Quran?

A. Ikhlas
B. Al-Fatiha
C. Al-Baqarah
D. Yaseen *

1236. The name of Allah is repeated five times in a Surah Name it?

A. Surah Al -Hajj *
B. Al-Fatir
C. An-Nur
D. Ghafar

1237. Which surah is named Azaim?

A. Sajdah
B. Fusselat
C. Najum
D. Alaq
E. All of them *

1238. Which surah is on the name of one of the Holy Wars?

A. Surah Ahzaab *
B. Al-Waqiah
C. Al-Mulk
D. Al-Buruj

1239. The Surah on the name of a metal is ?

A. Al-Qamar
B. Surah Hadeed *
C. Al-Balad
D. Ar-Rum

1240. The Surah which begins without Bismillah is ?

A. Yusuf
B. Ibrahim
C. Surah Tauba *
D. Maryam