331. What is meaning of Tehlil?
A. The recitation of Kalima
B. The recitation of Quran Majeed
C. The recitation of Tauheed
D. all of them

332. Which is old name of Islam?
A. Deen-e-Mina
B. Deen-e-Hanif
C. Deen-e-Makkah
D. Deen-e-Madina

333. Which was the first institution of Islam?
A. Suffah
B. Marwah
C. Rami
D. Waquf

334. what is meaning of Qayas?
A. reasoning on analogy
B. reasoning by analogy
C. reasoning in analogy
D. reasoning at analogy

335. Which one of the following famous Islamic book was written by Hazrat Khawaja Abdullah Ansari R.A ?
A. Tafsir al-Baghawi
B. Ahkam al-Qur’an
C. Al-Kashshaf
D. Kashf al-Israr wa ‘Eddat al-Abrar

336. When did the Shaikh al Islam Hazrat Khwaja Abdullah Ansari of Herat also known as “Pir-i Herat ” was born ?
A. 3 April 1005
B. 4 May 1006
C. 5. June 1007
D. 6 July 1008

337. The famous Islamic book ” Tafsir al-Tabari ” was written by _________ ?
A. Hazrat Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tha’labi R.A
B. Hazrat Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi R.A
C. Hazrat Khwaja Abdullah Ansari R.A
D. Hazrat Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari R.A

338. Who solicited Hazrat Usman (R.A) to send the copies of Quran to different countries?
A. Hazrat hadifa-bin-Yamaan
B. Hazrat Ali
C. Hazrat abdullah bin Umar
D. Hazrat amar bin Yasar

339. Battle of ZALAQA was fought between Alfanso VI and __________ ?
A. Hajib Almansur
B. Yousaf bin Tashfeen
C. Tariq bin Ziyad
D. None of these

340. Battale of ZALAQA was fought between Alfanso VI and Yousaf bin Tashfeen in _______?
A. 1070
B. 1086
C. 1121
D. 1240


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