1251. The world and heaven were created in six days. In Which Surah is this mentioned?

A. Al-Qariyah
B. Hadeed *
C. Al-Asr
D. Al-Maun

1252. In which surah does every verse end with letter “Daal”?

A. Al-Qasas
B. Al-Zalzalah
C. Ash-Shams
D. Tauheed *

1253. How many Surahs start with” Qad”?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2 *
D. 1

1254. In a surah every verse ends with letter “Ra” name it ?

A. Qauser *
B. Al-Asr
C. Al-Qamar
D. Al-Kahf

1255. The creation of human being is mentioned in Surah?

A. Ash-Shura
B. Hijr (V-26) *
C. Al- Hajj
D. Al- Maidah

1256. Which surah mentions the regulations for prisoners of war?

A. Al-Baqarah
B. Al-Ankabut
C. Al-Imran
D. An-Nisa *

1257. Laws about marriage are given in Surah?

A. Al Sajda
B. An-Nisa *
C. Al-Imran
D. Al-Maida

1258. The Surat that mentions the story of the worship of cow by bani israel is ?

A. Taha *
B. Maryam
C. Anaam
D. Anfal

1259. In which surah the law of inheritence mentioned?

A. Muhammad
B. Oaf
C. An-Nisa *
D. At- Tur

1260. Which surah mentions the migration of the Holy Prophet ?

A. An-Naj
B. Anfal *
C. Anaam
D. Yaseen

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