181. City of __________ is mentioned in Holy Quran.
(A) Makkah
(B) Baghdad
(C) Rome
(D) Tehran

182. Surah ___________ is known as Heart of Quran.
(A) Rahman
(B) Ankaboot
(C) Falaq
(D) Yaseen

183. Surah __________ is known as beauty of Quran.
(A) Yaseen
(B) Rahman
(C) Kausar
(D) Hujrat

184. Subject of Holy Quran is ?
(A) Universe
(B) Earth
(C) Animal
(D) Human

185. Hazrat ___________ accepted Islam first in Women.
(A) Amina
(B) Khadija
(C) Hafsa
(D) Ruqya

186. “Surah” means city of ?
(A) Flower
(B) Peace
(C) Rocks
(D) Refuge

187. ___________ Verses were reveled in the first wahee.
(A) Four
(B) Five
(C) Six
(D) Seven

188. Namaz commanded in quran for ______________ times.
(A) 500
(B) 600
(C) 700
(D) 800

189. Hazrat ____________ was the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran.
(A) Abu Bakar
(B) Umar
(C) Usman
(D) Ali

190. Hazrat ___________ proposed the compilation of Holy Quran.
(A) Abu Bakar
(B) Umar
(C) Usman
(D) Ali


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