1041. Al- Hudaibiyah treaty was concluded in _____ Hijri?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8 *

1042. Hamza Bin abdul Mutalib RA (Asadullah) was assassinated in the battle of ?

A. Badr
B. Uhud *
C. Khandaq
D. Mu’tah

1043. The _______ year of the prophethood, was the year of grief .

A. 7TH
B. 8TH
C. 9TH
D. 10TH *

1044. The Battle of Uhud was fought in _______?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3 *
D. 4

1045. The battle of Uhud was fought in the month of ?

A. Ramaddan
B. Muharram
C. Shawwal *
D. Rabi-ul-awal

1046. The which companion did prophet Muhammad PBUH grant a very special privilege,” May my father and mother be ransomed for you’?

A. Abu Bakr Siddique R.A
B. Omar Farooq R.A
C. Saad bin abi waqas R.A *
D. Hamza bin Abdul Mutalib R.A

1047. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is called with the name of ” Ahmed” in Surah?

A. Ya-seen
B. Muhammad
C. Saff *
D. Muzzamil

1048. ” Muhammad PBUH is the messenger of Allah” is stated in Surah?

A. Yaseen
B. Muhammad *
C. Muzammil
D. Fath

1049. Al-Hudaibiyah treaty was scribed by ?

A. Hazara Abu Bakr siddique R.A
B. Hazrat Omar Farooq R.A
C. Hazrat Osman Ghani R.A
D. Hazrat Ali Murtaza R.A *

1050. Prophet Muhammad PBUH sent his messengers to the kings beyond Arabia calling them to Islam. In order to authenticate the credentials of his messengers, A ______seal was made.

A. Golden
B. Silver *
C. Metallic
D. Wooden

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